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The use of concepts developed in gender studies has significantly transformed research in classical studies, opening up a new and extremely fruitful field of cultural and social analysis. Inasmuch as many ideas and values that have played a major role in the construction of cultural and social identities in later western societies originate in classical antiquity, the texts and artifacts surviving from the ancient Mediterranean cultures represent an outstandingly productive field of application for gendered theoretical perspectives. Inquiries conducted into the relations among women, between women and men, among men, and on modes of constructing what qualifies as “feminine” and “masculine” have shed new light on the distinctive ways that ancient societies and cultures functioned, and are of major relevance for studying the reception of antiquity in western cultures.

In the general framework of studies on gender in Antiquity, the electronic journal Eugesta plays a special role as a virtual place for meeting and exchange between North American and European researchers.

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Thea S. Thorsen ‘Divina Corinna’: Pre-Twentieth Century Receptions of an Artistic Authority [Abstract][Full text]

Giulia Vettori Non solo moglie e madre. La materfamilias come soggetto patrimoniale nella legislazione etico-matrimoniale di Augusto [Abstract][Full text]

Kit Morrell Tutela mulierum and the Augustan marriage laws [Abstract][Full text]

Lisa Hagelin Homo inter homines sum – The importance of age for freedmen’s construction of masculinity in Late Republican and Early Imperial Rome [Abstract][Full text]

Stavros Frangoulidis From Victor to Victim: Metadrama and Movement of Plot in Seneca’s Hercules Furens [Abstract][Full text]

Elena Giusti Casta Diua: Juno’s “Unexpected Pain” in Statius’ Thebaid [Abstract][Full text]

Eve d’Ambra Ideal Beauty and Adornment: A Roman Portrait of a Young Woman [Abstract][Full text]

Laurence Boulègue La place de la femme et la question du mariage dans la réflexion sur l’amour et les femmes du début du Cinquecento [Abstract][Full text]