Issue 9 | 2019

Annette Harder
Sons and fathers in the catalogue of Argonauts in Apollonius Argonautica 1.23-233 [Abstract][Full text]

Katherine R. de Boer
Blaming Helen: Vergil’s Deiphobus and the Tradition of Dead Men Talking [Abstract][Full text]

Francesco Maria Silla
‘Affetti’ e diritto. La libertà della nutrice [Abstract][Full text]

Tommaso Gazzarri
Cinaedus Galbinatus: Cultural Perception of the Color “Green” and its Gender Association with Pathici in Rome [Abstract][Full text]

Ida Gilda Mastrorosa
Forme e spazi di autonomia femminile nella Gallia meridionale di età imperiale [Abstract][Full text]

Brooke Holmes
Let go of Laqueur: Towards New Histories of the Sexed Body [Abstract][Full text]

Walter D. Penrose  Jr.
The Unwanted Gaze? Feminism and the Reception of the Amazons in Wonder Woman [Abstract][Full text]