Issue 8 | 2018

Josine Blok
An Athenian woman’s competence: the case of Xenokrateia [Abstract][Full text]

Irene Han
La Nouvelle Vague: The Liquid Feminine in Plato’s Republic [Abstract][Full text]

Vivien Longhi
Matrices actives et matrices admirables chez les médecins grecs d’époque Classique [Abstract][Full text]

Jesse Weiner
Stripping the Bark / Fleecing the Sheep: Rethinking glubit in Catullus 58 [Abstract][Full text]

Michael Pope
Seminal Verse: Atomic Orality and Aurality in De Rerum Natura [Abstract][Full text]

Marilyn B. Skinner
Lesbia as Procuress in Horace’s Epode 12 [Abstract][Full text]

Federica Bessone
Stili di potere. Linguaggio politico, genere ed eros nella poesia imperiale romana [Abstract][Full text]

Bill Gladhill
Tiberius on Capri and the Limits of Roman Sex Culture [Abstract][Full text]

Alex Dressler
Seeing (not) seeing: the phenomenology of deviant standpoint as a functionof gender and class in Paulinus of Nola, Poems 18 [Abstract][Full text]