Issue 5 | 2015

Kevin McGuiness
Drag Queen: The Liminal Sex of the Bust of Queen Nefertiti [Abstract][Full text]

David Konstan
Sappho 16 and the Sense of Beauty [Abstract][Full text]

Giulia Pedrucci
Baliatico, αἰδώς e malocchio: capire l’allattamento nella Grecia di epoca arcaica e classica anche con l’aiuto delle fonti romane [Abstract][Full text]

Laura McClure
Courtesans Reconsidered: Women in Aristophanes’ Lysistrata [Abstract][Full text]

Kevin Solez
Zois the Eretrian, wife of Kabeiras (22 Ziebarth): Music, sexuality, and κιθάρισμα in cultural context [Abstract][Full text]

Tom Sapsford
The Wages of Effeminacy?: Kinaidoi in Greek Documents from Egypt [Abstract][Full text]

Jennifer Ingleheart
Greek’ love at Rome: Propertius 1.20 and the reception of Hellenistic verse [Abstract][Full text]

Simon Goldhill
Preposterous Poetics and the Erotics of Death [Abstract][Full text]

Sheila Murnaghan
Tragic Realities: Fictional Women and the Writing of Ancient History [Abstract][Full text]