Issue 4 | 2014

Davide Susanetti
Collera, crisi politica e soggetti queer. Da Antigone a Dioniso [Abstract][Full text]

Anne-Sophie Noel
Femmes au vase sur la scène tragique: enjeux dramatiques et symboliques [Abstract][Full text]

Allison Glazebrook
The Erotics of Manumussion: Prostitutes and the πρᾶσις ἐπ’ ἑλευθερία [Abstract][Full text]

Anna Foka
Material Girls: Humor and Female Professional Seduction in Greek Literature and Culture [Abstract][Full text]

George Kazantzidis
Callimachus and Hippocratic Gynecology. Absent desire and the female body in ‘Acontius and Cydippe’ (Aetia FR.75.10-19 Harder) [Abstract][Full text]

Brooke Holmes
The poetics of anthropogony: men, women, and children in Lucretius,
book five
[Abstract][Full text]

Sanjaya Thakur
Femina Princeps: Livia in Ovid’s Poetry [Abstract][Full text]

Rebecca Langlands
Pliny’s “Role Models of Both Sexes”: Gender and Exemplarity in the Letters [Abstract][Full text]

Anise K. Strong
A Christian Concubine in Commodus’ Court? [Abstract][Full text]