Issue 10 | 2020

Thea S. Thorsen
‘Divina Corinna’: Pre-Twentieth Century Receptions of an Artistic Authority [Abstract][Full text]

Giulia Vettori
Non solo moglie e madre. La materfamilias come soggetto patrimoniale nella legislazione etico-matrimoniale di Augusto [Abstract][Full text]

Kit Morrell
Tutela mulierum and the Augustan marriage laws [Abstract][Full text]

Lisa Hagelin
Homo inter homines sum – The importance of age for freedmen’s construction of masculinity in Late Republican and Early Imperial Rome [Abstract][Full text]

Stavros Frangoulidis
From Victor to Victim: Metadrama and Movement of Plot in Seneca’s Hercules Furens [Abstract][Full text]

Elena Giusti
Casta Diua: Juno’s “Unexpected Pain” in Statius’ Thebaid [Abstract][Full text]

Eve d’Ambra
Ideal Beauty and Adornment: A Roman Portrait of a Young Woman [Abstract][Full text]

Laurence Boulègue
La place de la femme et la question du mariage dans la réflexion sur l’amour et les femmes du début du Cinquecento [Abstract][Full text]