Issue 1 | 2011

Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz
Greek Tragedy: A Rape Culture? [Abstract][Full text]

Alison Keith
Lycoris Galli/Volumnia Cytheris: a Greek Courtesan in Rome [Abstract][Full text]

Alison Sharrock
Womanly wailing? The mother of Euryalus and gendered reading [Abstract][Full text]

Judith P. Hallett
Scenarios of Sulpiciae: moral discourses and immoral verses [Abstract][Full text]

Jacqueline Fabre-Serris
Le cycle thébain des Métamorphoses : un exemple de mythographie genrée ? [Abstract][Full text]

Thomas Späth
Narrative Performanz.Vorschlag zu einer neuen Lektüre von Geschlecht in taciteischen Texten [Abstract][Full text]

Amy Richlin
Parallel lives: Domitia Lucilla and Cratia, Fronto and Marcus [Abstract][Full text]

Helen King
Galen and the widow. Towards a history of therapeutic masturbation in ancient gynaecology [Abstract][Full text]

Barbara Gold
Gender Fluidity and Closure in Perpetua’s Prison Diary [Abstract][Full text]